Barbara Schöneberger hosts Unser Song für Dänemark

Barbara Schöneberger

The second edition of a revamped German pre-selection format will take place in Cologne on Thursday, March 13th. Last year, the comedian Anke Engelke hosted the show and this year, another multi-talented woman gets the job. Barbara Schöneberger, 39, is a German actress, tv hostess as well as a singer.

“It’s a great honor to me to get to host it. I look forward to the show as Eurovision is still a big event” she comments.

This won’t be Schöneberger’s first appearance in German pre-selection as in 2010 and 2011 she was part of the jury.

She will not only host the actual final but also the club gig on February 27th when the eighth, and last, participant is chosen. Also this show will be broadcast live and the audience gets to decide the winner who will join the USFD line-up.

The seven other acts were chosen internally by the broadcaster;

  • Das Gezeichnete Ich
  • Madeline Juno
  • MarieMarie
  • Oceana
  • Santiano
  • The Baseballs
  • Unheilig

Their songs are yet to be released.