ESC 2014: Postcards focus on the participants


Last year in Malmö, SVT made the ‘postcards’ look less like tourism adverts and focused more on the artists. DR, the host broadcaster of Eurovision 2014, reveals that they are using the same idea in their postcards. However, this year the participants will be given the task to create the flag of their country in one way or another. The artist(s) will be in the middle of it.

Postcards will be filmed in each participating country, starting from February. For each postcard, there will be eight hours time to film it.

– The number one criterion for the postcards is to make sure that each country feels that they and their artist are represented in the best possible way. If the viewer feels like he is more familiar with the artist and the country already before the performance, we have succeeded, Show Producer Jan Lagermand Lundme comments.

The postcards are produced in cooperation with Treshow Film Production.