[UPD] Moldova: 40 songs continue to the next phase

Moldova Eurovision 2014

TRM received 64 songs for its pre-selection ‘O melodie pentru Europa’. A jury of seven members listened to the tracks and chose 40 of them to the phase two of the contest. The jury consisted of music industry professionals; Anatol Chiriac, Valentin Dânga, Nelly Ciobanu (2009), Marcel Ştefăneţ, Aliona Triboi, Andrei Sava and Angela Rudenco.

The 40 selected songs will be narrowed down to 24. The auditions will take place on February 1st when the following artists will perform for the jury:

O melodie pentru Europa participants

There will be two semi-finals with 12 participants. The first one will take place on March 11th and another on March 13th. Eight acts qualify for the final from each semi-final – national final is set to take place on March 15th.

The songs can be listened here.


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  1. Dana Markitan – Queen of the dancefloor, absolute winner! We will win this year’s ESC with this song.

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