Tonight: 2nd show in Hungary



Tonight the 2nd heat will be held of A Dal in Hungary. 10 more songs will compete and 6 out of these will go to a semifinal. As last Saturday, the jury’s top three will go directly to a semifinal first, then the public voting chooses the next three entries.

These are competing tonight:

  • Belmondo Miért ne higgyem
  • Bogi We All
  • Dér Heni Ég veled
  • Joni Waterfall
  • Kállay Saunders András – Running
  • Musicfabrik – This Is My Life
  • Polyák Lilla – Karcolás
  • Szécsi Saci & Szécsi Böbe Born To Fly
  • To Beat Or Not To Beat Meg akarom mondani
  • Vastag Tamás Miss One Smile

You can watch the show live at 20:20 CET here (click on ÉLÕ and then M1 to find the livestream).



One response to “Tonight: 2nd show in Hungary

  1. I think this semi-final is stronger than the one from last week. But I hope for a much better outcome this week. Last week I disagreed with all the finalists of the televoters.

    This are my favorites for tonight:

    – Bogi – We all
    – Joni – Waterfall
    – Lilla Polyák – Karcolás
    – MuzikFabrik – This is my life
    – Saci & Böbe Szécsi – Born to fly
    – Tamás Vastag – Állj meg világ

    “Running” by Kállay Saunders is a good song but too much overrated imo.

    Good luck Hungary!

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