Tonight: Sweden and Iceland kicks off

Both Sweden and Iceland kicks of their first semifinals tonight.



The first semifinal in Sweden is set to Malmö and contains 8 participants. Two will go directly to the final, two will go to the second chance, and the four remaining entries has to go home.
The participants for tonight is:

  1. YOHIOTo the End
  2. Mahan MoinAleo
  3. Linus SvenningBröder
  4. Elisa LindströmCasanova
  5. Alvaro EstrellaBedroom
  6. Ellen BenediktsonSongbird
  7. Sylvester SchlegelBygdens son
  8. Helena Paparizou Survivor

The show will start at 20.00 CET, and you will be able to watch it all here.


Söngvakeppnin 2014


The first semifinal out of two of Söngvakeppnin 2014 will also be held in Iceland tonight. 5 out of total 10 songs will compete in this first semifinal. Three acts from each semifinal will go on to the big final. Tonight’s competitors are:

  1. Sverrir Bergmann – Dönsum burtu blús
  2. Greta Mjöll Samúelsdóttir – Eftir eitt lag
  3. Gissur Páll Gissurarson – Von
  4. Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir – Amor
  5. Vignir Snær Vigfússon – Elsku þú

You can watch the show tonight at 20:45 CET here.


2 responses to “Tonight: Sweden and Iceland kicks off

  1. Sweden

    Finally, it’s that time of the year again: Melodifestivalen 2014 will start tonight! It promises to be a very strong year for the Swedish national final with many big names. And the first heat seems an instant hit. Strong semi-final without bad songs. Talk about a smashing opening.

    I hope:

    To the final:

    – Ellen Benediktson – Songbird (What a beautiful song and what an amazing voice. The song has some similarities to the wonderful “Porslin” by Anna Järvinen from last year. I hope Ellen obtains a much better result because she deserves it.)
    – Helena Paparizou – Survivor (In this heat it’s all about Helena Paparizou without a doubt. What a fantastic performer and what an amazing and powerful song. I think it’s even far better than her winning entry for Greece in 2005 “My number one”. She should win this semi-final hands down. But is she popular enough to win?)

    To the second chance round:

    – YOHIO – To the end (I’ve never been a fan of the work by Andreas Johnson but this is the very first song by him that I think is good. It’s a very strong song but yet less recognizable than “Heartbreak hotel” from last year which I loved. It has some similarities to the fantastic “Tell the world I’m here” by Ulrik Munther last year.)
    – Elisa Lindstrom – Casanova (Very good and catchy song and very well sung.)


    – Alvaro Estrell – Bedroom (Good song but has a lot of similarities to “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera.)
    – Linus Svenning – Broder (I’m a huge fan of the work by Fredrik Kempe but like every composer / lyricist he has his good and less good song. Personally I think this is one of his less good song. It’s certainly not a bad song but I don’t like his voice and it seems he can’t hit all the right notes. I also have to admit that his look scares me a bit. This song is going to get a lot of sympathy votes. And that’s something I don’t like at all. I think the song should stand on his own. If the song is strong enough it will reach it’s goal.)
    – Mahan Moin – Aleo
    – Sylvester Schlegel – Bygdens son

    I think:

    To the final:

    – Helena Paparizou – Survivor
    – YOHIO – To the end

    To the second chance round:

    – Alvaro Estrell – Bedroom
    – Linus Svenning – Broder


    – Elisa Lindstrom – Casanova
    – Ellen Benediktson – Songbird
    – Mahan Moin – Aleo
    – Sylvester Schlegel – Bygdens son

    Good luck Sweden!

  2. Iceland

    And once again it’s crystal clear that we can always count on Iceland for quality entries. Again a very strong semi-final. I like 4 out of 5 songs very much en they all can go to the final if it was up to me. “Von” by Gissur Páll Gissurarson is my absolute favorite this week. Such an amazing ballad that gives me goosebumps. On the other hand I absolutely detest “Amor” by Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir. It’s such an annoying and irritating song. I hope it comes last.

    Good luck Iceland!

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