Filming of ‘postcards’ started

Picture: ORF

Picture: ORF

Filming of postcards for Eurovision 2014 started from Austria. DR continues last year’s host broadcaster SVT’s recycled idea of having the artists’ starring their own postcards. This way the viewers will get to know the participants already before they enter the stage and start to sing.

DR asks each artist ‘to interpret the flag of their country’. DR sends a film crew to each participating country, Treshow Film Production produces the clips.

Conchita Wurst filmed her postcard at Schönbrunner Schlosstheater in Vienna. Director Mette Hesthaven and producer Stevan Treshow arrived in Vienna yesterday to shoot the clip in which Conchita is with her stylist Tamara surrounded by some 70 dresses.

– Conchita is wonderful! When it was announced that she would represent Austria, the news were all over the Danish media. I like her as a character who stands for tolerance. We have no worked together for a day and it’s been really fun to work with her. I hope that the video shootings in all the other 36 countries will be like this, Treshow commented.


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  1. I love the venue where Conchita filmed her postcard!! So majestic! And she looks great!

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