Belgium: Results of the second castings

Tisha Cyrus

Tisha Cyrus, one of the qualifiers

The second pre-recorded Eurosong casting show was aired in Belgium on Sunday night. 15 participants fought for four tickets to the semi-finals and for another four to the callbacks. The jury decided the qualifiers and it consisted of Piet Goddaer, Bart Peeters and  Jef Martens. The jurors gave points to the songs and the average of their points determined the artists’ fates.

Each contestant sang a former Eurovision entry.

To the semi-finals

  • Petra – All Kinds of Everything (92 points)
  • Yass Smaali – L’oiseau et l’enfant (89)
  • Tisha Cyrus – Düm Tek Tek (86)
  • Day one – Satellite (85)

To callback

  • Axeela – Believe (85)
  • Sil – Where are you? (84)
  • Bandits – Geef het op (83)
  • Mr. Jones – Standing Still (80)


  • Bastien – Fly on the wings of love (79)
  • Andrei Lugovski – In a moment like this (75)
  • Maureen – Ding-a-dong (74)
  • Dina Rodrigues – Ne partez pas sans moi (71)
  • Soulbrothers – Puppet on a string (68)
  • Aelia – Poupée de cire, poupée de son (68)
  • Manuel Palomo – Eres tú (63)

Next Sunday, February 16th it’s time for the callback where eight artists meet again and four of them qualify for the three semi-finals which will take place on February 23rd, March 2nd and 9th. National final is set for March 16th.


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