Running order for Dziesma final drawn

Dziesma 2014

Latvia will be choosing its representative for Copenhagen on Saturday, February 22nd. Two semi-finals took place two weeks ago where the 12 finalists were picked. Today, the running order was drawn which was also aired live online.

1. Ralfs Eilands and Valters Puce – Revelation
2. Markus Riva – Lights On
3. Katrina Bindere — Moment and Tomorrow
4. Dons Pedeja vestule
5. Samanta Tina — Stay
6. Niko – Here I Am Again
7. MyRadiantU – Going All the Way
8. Olga and Ligo – Saule riet
9. Aminata Savadogo – I Can Breathe
10. Aarzemnieki – Cake To Bake
11. EiroSmits – If I Could (Get Away)
12. Katrine Lukins – You Are The Reason

Songs can be listened on the website of LTV.