Sweden: Oscar Zia and Ace Wilder to final

The third semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2014 is now over, and two more acts has proceed to the big final. The two are Oscar Zia with his song Yes We Can and Ace Wilder with her song Busy Doin’ Nothing.
Third and fourth place, and the two next spots in the second chance, went to Outtrigger with Echo and State of Drama with All We Are.

The remaining participants got these places:

5. dr. Alban & Jessica FolckerAround the World
6. Shirley ClampBurning Alive
7. CajsaStina ÅkerströmEn enkel sång
8. EKORed

Next week, the last semifinal will be held in Sweden, and two more acts will go to the final, and the two last placed in the second chance will be filled.