Romania: 159 to be narrowed down to 12


TVR of Romania received a total of 159 songs by the time its submission period was closed last week. Nine songs were invalid as they didn’t fulfill the rules of the contest, therefore 150 of them are left in the selection.

However, only 12 acts will be taken to the national final which is set to take place on March 1st. The names of these 12 will be revealed already on Thursday, February 20th.

Among those who have entered the race we can find for example Paula Seling and Ovi,  Tudor Turcu, VH2, Vizi Imre, Blaxy Girls, Dan Helciug, Ştefan Stan, Bere Gratis, Mirela Vaida, Naomi, Anthony Icuagu, Jazzy Jo, The Zuralia Orchestra, Orlando Ivan (Radio 21), Silvia Dumitrescu, Ozana Barabancea, Andrei Leonte, Cobzality feat. Matilda Pascal Cojocăriţa, Andreea Olariu, Renée Santana, Alexandra Crăescu and Cezar Dometi, the broadcaster reveals.

Also songs from foreign composers were received. These countries include Norway, Spain, Italy, Greece and Belgium.