Tonight: Last semifinal in Sweden

The fourth and last semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2014 will be held in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden tonight. The last two places in Andra Chansen will be filled, and another two finalists will be chosen.
Tonight’s competitors are:

  1. Alcazar – Blame It On the Disco
  2. I.D.A – Fight Me If You Can
  3. Janet Leon – Hollow
  4. Ammotrack – Raise Your Hands
  5. Josef Johansson – Hela natten
  6. Linda Bengtzing – Ta mig
  7. Ellinore Holmer – En himmelsk sång
  8. Anton Ewald – Natural

You will be able to watch the show live at 20.00 CET tonight here.


One response to “Tonight: Last semifinal in Sweden

  1. And once again a very strong semi-final in Sweden just like the past 3 weeks.

    I hope:

    To the final:

    – Alcazar – Blame it on the disco (Words could not express my love for Alcazar and their music. This is such an amazing song! It is basically “Stay the night” part 2 but that partly makes it even more fantastic. They can’t only sing and dance very well but they are also very sympathetic and with them you’re at least assured of a great and energetic show on stage. They have the total package. And that is very important for Eurovision. I think it’s time for Sweden to finally send Alcazar to Eurovision! They really deserve it!)
    – Anton Ewald – Natural (A very good and very strong song. I find it much better than “Begging” from last year. This song sounds less electronic and more pop and I like that. Two downsides of course we all know he can’t sing very well live and I don’t find him as charismatic as for example Darin, Eric Saade or Oscar Zia).

    To the second chance round:

    – Janet Leon – Hollow (Very good and tight composition. A little better than “Heartstrings” last year. But I doubt whether Janet can handle this live. During the rehearsals she wasn’t singing well and this is a bad omen for tonight.)
    – Josef Johansson – Hela natten (Very strong and impressive ballad.)


    – Ammotrack – Raise your hands (The worst song from this heat. But even then, this song is not really bad because of the high quality of the songs in this semi-final. I.D.A has the better rock song in this semi.)
    – Ellinore Holmer – En himmelsk sang (A beautiful and understated song. But at the rehearsals she sang so out of tune, and that’s a huge turnoff for a ballad like this.)
    – I.D.A – Fight me if you dare (Strong 80’s inspired rock song. Better and stronger than “Raise your hands” by Ammotrack.)
    – Linda Bengtzing – Ta mig (I’m a big Linda Bengtzing fan and I love her songs. I find her 4 previous entries for Melodifestivalen very good and they all were big favorites of mine. But I like this song much less and I don’t think it really suits her style. It’s certainly not a bad song, but I’m a little disappointed with the song choice this year. Maybe try again next time with a better song?)

    I think:

    To the final:

    – Alcazar – Blame it on the disco
    – Anton Ewald – Natural

    To the second chance round:

    – Josef Johansson – Hela natten
    – Linda Bengtzing – Ta mig


    – Ammotrack – Raise your hands
    – Ellinore Holmer – En himmelsk sång
    – I.D.A – Fight me if you dare
    – Janet Leon – Hollow

    Good luck Sweden!

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