Belgium: Eva Jacobs and Udo qualify!

Eurosong first semi-final

The first out of three semi-finals in the Belgian Eurosong was competed on Sunday night. Four acts performed their potential Eurovision entries for the first time publicly. Two had to be sent home while another two qualified for the national final.

The jurors (RuslanaPiet Goddaer, Bart Peeters and  Jef Martens) gave points to the songs on a scale up to 100 and the average of their points was determinative. Also the audience had a chance to support their favorites – their points were combined with the jury points.

  1. Eva Jacobs – Nothing Is Impossible (91 points)
  2. Day One – Who Ever You Are (90 points)
  3. Udo – Hero (In Flanders fields) (75 points)
  4. Petra – Killer Touch (75 points)

After the televotes were combined:

  1. Eva Jacobs – Nothing Is Impossible
  2. Udo – Hero (In Flanders fields)
  3. Day One – Who Ever You Are
  4. Petra – Killer Touch

This means that Eva Jacobs and Udo will be competing in the final on March 16.