Montenegro: Music video in the making

Spot i pjesma biće istovremeno predstavljeni

Picture: RTCG

Sergej Ćetković has been busy getting ready for Eurovision this week. The song presentation date is set for March 9 when we’ll get to hear his entry for the first time. Simultaneously, the music video will be premiered which is now in the works.

The music video, which is produced by RTCG, is being filmed in several locations; in Žabljak, Bar and Ulcinj. Meanwhile the entry is being finalized in Belgrade where it was recorded. Ćetković has previously told that the song is a love ballad. There are two versions of the song; in English and in Montenegrin. Which version he’ll sing in Copenhagen is yet to be decided.

Postcard filmed

The Danish broadcaster DR is currently touring around Europe filming this year’s postcards. Again, the artists will be in the spotlight – this year, they have been told to interpret the flag of their country. The Montenegrin postcard was filmed in Cetinje.

– I’m very pleased with the location where we filmed the postcard and we’ll be watching the outcome together on May 6th, Ćetković comments.

Spot sniman na više lokacija u Crnoj Gori

Filming the music video | Picture: RTCG


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