This weekend: MGP semifinals in Norway

The 15 competitors in this year’s edition of Melodi Grand Prix 2014 will this weekend compete, five by five in three semifinals.

Semifinal 1 – Friday, 20.05 CET

1. Hilda & Thea LeoraBest Friend’s Boyfriend
2. MoHeal
3. Dina MisundNeeds
4. Linnea DaleHigh Hopes
5. TIMBRE & Frikk Heide-Steen feat. Ida SteinFrozen By Your Love

Semifinal 2 – Saturday, 20.05 CET

1. Cir.CuzHele verden
2. Martine MarbelRight Now
3. Oda & WulffSing
4. Knut Kippersund NesdalTaste of You
5. Charlie Hit Me Up

Semifinal 3 – Sunday, 20.05 CET

1. MoiBensin
2. El CueroAin’t No Love In This City No More
3. IlebekWho Needs The Universe?
4. Elisabeth CarewSole Survivor
5. Carl EspenSilent Storm

3 participants from each semifinal will go to the big final that will be hold next Saturday. The outcome will be decided by Norwegian televoters.

If you want to watch the shows live, you can watch them at this page each day at 20.05 CET.


2 responses to “This weekend: MGP semifinals in Norway

  1. My favorites for tonight:

    – Hilda & Thea Leora – Best friend’s boyfriend
    – Mo – Heal
    – Timbre & Frikk Heide-Steen feat. Ida Stein – Frozen by your love

    Good luck Norway!

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