It’s Sanna Nielsen for Sweden!


She has already competed in the final of Melodifestivalen seven times before, and finally Sanna Nielsen can now be proud to represent her homecountry for the first time with her ballad Undo.

There was a close call in the Swedish final tonight, when the winner was only two points above the 2nd place. The international jury voted Ace Wilder with Busy Doin’ Nothin’ as their winner with 97 points over Sanna Nielsen who got 90 points. Then the Swedish televoters decided that Sanna Nielsen should go to Copenhagen instead. It was also a very close race between place 4 and 6.
The final result looked like this:

  1. Sanna Nielsen – Undo (212 points)
  2. Ace Wilder – Busy Doin’ Nothin’ (210 points)
  3. Alcazar – Blame It On the Disco (110 points)
  4. Helena Paparizou – Survivor (84 points)
  5. Linus Svenning – Bröder (83 points)
  6. YOHIO – To the End (82 points)
  7. Ellen Benediktson – Songbird (61 points)
  8. Oscar Zia – Yes We Can (53 points)
  9. Panetoz – Efter solsken (33 points)
  10. Anton Ewald – Natural (18 points)