Tonight: National final in Greece

Eurosong Greece 2014

The new Greek broadcaster NERIT has chosen four acts for tonight’s final in cooperation with record labels Panic Records and Platinum Records. As was the case last year, the show is produced by MAD TV.

The songs together with preview video clips were presented last week:

Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd – Rise Up

Mark Angelo feat. Josephine – Dancing Night

Crystallia – ΠΕΤΑΛΟΥΔΑ ΣΤΗΝ ΑΘΗΝΑ (Petalouda Stin Athina)

Kostas Martakis – ΚΑΝΕΝΑΣ ΔΕΝ ΜΕ ΣΤΑΜΑΤΑ (Kanenas De Me Stamata)

The winner will be determined 50/50% televoting/jury voting. Webcast is available on at 20:00 CET. This year also marks 40 years since Greece first entered the song contest and therefore the final will feature many surprises to celebrate it.


One response to “Tonight: National final in Greece

  1. I hate the terrible Greek entry of last year’s “Alcohol is free”. Such a bad, cheap and overrated song. Fortunately, all the songs in the Greek selection this year are better than “Alcohol is free”.

    My big favorites are:

    – Crystallia – Petalouda stin athina
    – Mark Angelo ft. Josephine – Dancing night

    Although I like the other two songs I must confess that I am a little disappointed with the song by Kostas Martakis. I expected a better song in the line of his other entry “Always and forever” from 2008. A very good and strong song that should’ve represented Greece that year.

    Good luck Greece!

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