Three song presentations on Friday

Three song presentations

Three more Eurovision entries will be premiered on Friday as the EBU deadline approaches. All the participating broadcasters must hand out their entries to EBU early next week.

San Marino

Valentina Monetta, representing San Marino for the third time in row, will premiere her Eurovision entry in full on Friday, February 14th. The song is called ‘Maybe’ and its Italian version is ‘Forse’. Snippets of the song and its different versions can be listened on Amazon. During the show Verso Copenhagen (Towards Copenhagen) Valentina will present her entry in full with a videoclip. Webcast will be available here at 21:10 CET.


The Armenian representative Aram Mp3 will release his entry ‘Not Alone’. It’ll be premiered at 19:00 CET with webcast available here.


The Shin & Mariko will release their entry together with a music video right in the morning. As previously announced, the song is called ‘Three Minutes To Earth’. The song is penned by Zaza Miminoshvili and Eugen Eliu.