Spain, Latvia, Malta, Italy, Iceland release video clips


The Latvian colorful group Aarzemnieki have today released a music video for their entry ‘Cake To Bake’. The song was chosen for the Latvian Eurovision entry in February when the group won Dziesma 2014. The video was filmed at the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Riga.


Ruth Lorenzo filmed a music video for her Eurovision entry in Madrid. On the music video one can listen to the final version of Dancing In The Rain.

Previously this week Ruth also filmed the Spanish postcard at the Spanish National Observatory in Madrid. That clip will be seen right before Ruth’s performance in the Eurovision final on May 10th.


The lyrics video for the Maltese entry was released earlier this month and now also the video clip for ‘Coming Home’ is out. According to the Maltese broadcaster, the video commemorates 100 years since the start of World War 1 and is dedicated to those who never made it home.


Yesterday, Emma Marrone performed her Eurovision entry ‘La mia cittá’ at the German national final and today the official music video for it has been released.


Pollapönk represents Iceland with ‘Enga fordóma’. Despite the Icelandic title, the song is sung in English in Copenhagen.