Tonight: Finals in Norway, Moldova, Portugal

This season’s last NF weekend is about to start and tonight three more entries will be chosen for Copenhagen. On Sunday, Belgium will hold its final as the last country.



After three down-scaled MGP semi-finals last week, the contest reaches its end tonight in Oslo at Spektrum. Nine acts made it to the final but only four of these will eventually qualify for the superfinal.

  1. El Cuero – Ain’t No Love (In This City No More)
  2. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
  3. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of You
  4. Dina Misund – Needs
  5. Mo – Heal
  6. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
  7. Charlie – Hit Me Up
  8. Carl Espen – Silent Storm
  9. Oda & Wulff – Sing

Webcast is available on NRK website at 19:55 CET.


24 have been narrowed down to 16 who are competing in the final tonight. Two semi-finals took place earlier this week and in tonight’s three-hour long show the winner is chosen. Voting format is the familiar 50/50% jury/televoting and only one round takes place.

  1. Diana Staver – One And All
  2. Doinița Gherman – Energy
  3. Boris Covali – Perfect Day
  4. Tatiana Heghea – I’m Yours
  5. Lucia S – Frozen
  6. PARALELA 47 – Fragmente
  7. Ana Cernicova – Dragostea
  8. Edict – Forever
  9. FLUX LIGHT – Never Stop No
  10. Aurel Chirtoacă – Urme De Iubiri
  11. Margarita Ciorici & Metafora
  12. Diana Brescan – Hallelujah
  13. Mikaella – Follow Your Dreams
  14. Curly – Your Recovery
  15. Cristina Scarlat – Wild Soul
  16. Felicia Dunaf – The Way I Do

Webcast is here at 19:00 CET.


The Portuguese final is the smallest one tonight when it comes to the number of participants. Five acts are competing for the victory and this year there is no jury voting. This means that the audience will determine the winner.

  1. Rui Andrade – Ao Teu Encontro
  2. Catarina Pereira – Mea Culpa
  3. Zana – Nas Asas da Sorte
  4. Raquel Guerra – Sonhos Roubados
  5. Susy – Quero Ser Tua

Webcast on RTP website starting at around 23:15 CET.


One response to “Tonight: Finals in Norway, Moldova, Portugal

    By choosing the fantastic “O mie” by the amazing Aliona Moon last year it will be very difficult to surpass this entry. It’s a very tough act to follow. “O mie” was an amazing song and had a very good act and deserved nothing less than a top 5 in the final. Personally, I think it’s the best entry from Moldova so far. The Moldovan final last year was incredibly strong, but also this year’s final in Moldova is strong. I like almost all the songs.

    My big favorites:

    – Ana Cernicova – Dragostea divină
    – Aurel Chirtoacă – Urme de iubiri
    – Boris Covali – Perfect day
    – Diana Brescan – Hallelujah
    – Margarita & Metafora – Vis
    – Tatiana Heghea – I’m yours

    I don’t like “Your recovery” by Curly at all. Imo it’s the worst song on offer tonight. It’s tedious, boring and monotone. It contains nothing exciting.

    Good luck Moldova!


    I find this a good final in Norway.

    I’ve got 6 big favorites:

    – Carl Espen – Silent storm
    – Charlie – Hit me up
    – Dina Mesund – Needs
    – Elisabeth Carew – Sole survivor
    – Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of you
    – Mo – Heal

    1 of these 6 and Norway has a worthy entry for Copenhagen.

    Good luck Norway!


    I’m so glad Portugal is back at Eurovision. A very strong final in Portugal. I love all these songs. So it doens’t really matter wich song wins because anyway Portugal will have a worthy entry in Copenhagen. Any of these 5 songs should bring Portugal to the final.

    Welcome back Portugal and good luck!

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