ESC 2014: Names of jury members announced May 1st


This year, EBU will make the Eurovision voting more transparent as a result of last year’s voting fraud accusations. Therefore we’ll get to know the names of each jury member on the first day of May. There will be five members in every participating country which means that a total of 185 jurors will have a 50% stake in the outcome.

The rules state that the commentators of each broadcaster must inform the viewers during the final about who are in the country’s jury.  After the Grand Final, detailed results of the jury- and televoting will be published. This means that each jury member’s votes are being published for the first time.

EBU also published a video on its YouTube channel in which the voting procedure is being explained.

– Most people have no idea about what is going on behind the scenes to assure that at the end of the Final, we have a correct result, in accordance with the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest. This video will hopefully clarify, Executive Producer Jon Ola Sand comments.