ESC 2014: 1,200 square meters of LED surface


Austria rehearsing on stage in Malmö last year | Picture: EBU

The first sketches of the 2014 Eurovision stage are yet to be published but DR has released some interesting figures about it. The stage is already rising inside B&W Hallerne and the first rehearsals begin in a month.

The stage will be 19,5 meters high and it takes 40 tons of steel to build it. There’ll be some 3,000 lights of which 730 are LED lights and 14 are followspots. 46 people take care of the lighting, the team is led by Kasper Lange.

– This is by far the biggest production in Denmark and one of the largest in the world when it comes to the lighting, Lange says.

The stage features 1,200 square meters of LED screens – for comparison the 2009 stage had some 2,000 square meters of LED surface and the 2011 stage 1,080 square meters. Last year in Malmö, SVT replaced LED screens by a projection wall which hadn’t been used earlier in Eurovision.

This year, the green room will be inside the venue just like in Baku. Backstage where for example the dressing rooms will be is located right next to B&W Hallerne inside a huge tent.