Presenting the entries: Ukraine

Mariya Yaremchuk

Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock

Composers: Mariya Yaremchuk, Sandra Bjurman

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Selection format

Ukraine opened its submission period for national final in October. Until December 6th some 50 demos were sent and NTU’s jury picked 20 of them to compete in the final on December 21st. Ukraine was the very first country to choose the song for Copenhagen and as a result of combined jury- and televoting, Mariya Yaremchuk won the show with her song ‘Tick-Tock’. The song was later completely revamped – also the lyrics were slightly fixed. The new version was presented in March.

Mariya Yaremchuk

Mariya was born in 1993 in Chernivtsi, Western Ukraine. Her father Nazariy Yaremchuk was a famous singer who died just two years after Mariya was born. Mariya has been studying not only music but also politics and history at the university. For larger audience she appeared in 2012 when she participated the Ukrainian The Voice -contest finishing fourth. Later that year she also represented Ukraine at the international competition for new artists, New Wave.

In 2013 she entered the Ukrainian pre-selection for Eurovision with ‘Imagine’. Back then she finished fifth. Her this year’s entry was composed by Mariya herself together with a Swedish composer Sandra Bjurman who has for instance penned several Azerbaijani entries.


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  1. As for me Mariya is better than other contestants, especially from Eastarn Europe. She has great vocal (think it because of her father). And “Tick-Tock” is very suitable song for contests like Eurovision.

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