Presenting the entries: San Marino

Valentina Monetta Sensibilita


Composers: Ralph Siegel, Mauro Balestri

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Selection format

Last year in Malmö, Valentina reached the best result for San Marino finishing 11th in the semi-final. The Sammarinese Eurovision delegation was so upset by the non-qualification that they asked soon after Malmö her to represent the country again this year. She agreed and her Eurovision entry was chosen from her new album.

Valentina Monetta

Born in San Marino, 1975, Valentina graduated from Rimini arts school and discovered her love for music. In 1995 she started to cooperate with many local artists and gained attention thanks to her wide-ranging voice.

Later she started to make music with many bands and eventually released an album as a solo singer. In 2008 she tried to get to represent San Marino in Belgrade but wasn’t chosen by the selection committee, however, four years later in 2012 she was selected for the mission and represented the country with ‘The Social Network Song’. Here started her cooperation with the German composer Ralph Siegel who has penned Valentina’s all three entries.