Presenting the entries: Spain

Ruth Lorenzo


Composers: Ruth Lorenzo, James Lawrence Irvin, Julian Emery

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Selection format

For months, many artists were hinted to have been chosen internally to represent Spain. TVE did announce in late January that they would be organizing a national final of five acts. Most of the participants, chosen for the final, were rather new names from talent competitions. Among the artists was also Raúl who already in 2000 participated the Spanish national final. The songs were released a couple of weeks before the final. The final was broadcast live from Barcelona on February 22nd. The winner was chosen as a result of jury- and televoting. The votes were converted into points – in the end, both Ruth Lorenzo and Brequette had the same amount of points. Ruth Lorenzo, however, won the televoting which meant she was the winner of the show.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo was born in Murcia, Spain in 1982. At the age of 12 she moved to the States with her family. During her four years there, Ruth started studying music, theater and dance at school and she also starred musicals after being encouraged by her teachers. When her family returned to Spain, Ruth wanted to take singing lessons but due to the financial situation it wasn’t possible. At the age of 19 she was part of a rock band and in 2002 she entered Operación Triunfo which was also used as the Spanish pre-selection for Eurovision at the time. Ruth didn’t pass the auditions but six years later her first breakthrough happened. She competed in the British X-Factor and eventually finished fifth overall. In 2011 Ruth released her first single, a cover from ‘Burn’ by Caiyo.