Presenting the entries: Poland

Donatan & Cleo (Poland)


Composers: Donatan, Cleo

Selection format

While several broadcasters decided not to participate in Copenhagen, the Polish broadcaster did the opposite and announced a comeback after skipping the 2012 and 2013 contests. This return is just in time for the country’s 20th Eurovision anniversary. TVP announced they would be picking their representative internally. In late February they presented Donatan and Cleo as their representatives.

Donatan & Cleo

Not often has a Eurovision song over 40 million views on YouTube – especially not before the actual song contest. This was the case for Donatan and Cleo who uploaded ‘My Slowianie’, their debut single, on YouTube in November. The song did also enter the Polish singles charts reaching number two.

Donatan, born in Krakow in 1984, is a producer who has worked for several artists. In total, he has produced music for over 50 albums. In 2012 Donatan released an album on his own which was an instant success. Cleo, or Joanna Klepko by her real name, is a newcomer who in 2011 took part in the first Polish season of X-Factor but was soon eliminated. The duo started working together last year. They say that their entry shouldn’t be taken too seriously as it is to mock the Polish stereotypes – with love. A bilingual version will be heard in Copenhagen.