Summing up Day 1


Right before heading for Copenhagen, Aram Mp3 announced in a press conference that he would be alone on stage – he won’t even have any backing vocalists. The backdrop of the part where the song turns into dubstep can be seen here when the stage was presented for the press last week.

Aram was clearly very pleased with his first rehearsal but says they will make some small changes to the performance. For instance he may change his microphone into a hand-held version.

– I’ve never been on a stage like this! The sound is perfect, Aram commented at the Meet & Greet.


Aarzemnieki have pretty much the same performance as in the national final. The backdrop gives the impression of an outdoor party – no cakes in sight!


The Estonian performance is a mix of their Eesti Laul performance and the music video. Wind machine has been found from the storage for their number. Tanja is accompanied by three backing vocalists who are not visible to the tv audience. Tanja and her dancer are both wearing white.

– The stage is beautiful and the hall is BIG! We don’t have such places in Estonia, Tanja laughs at Meet and Greet -press event after her rehearsal.

Tanja has often been compared to the Swedish Eurovision winner Loreen who also had contemporary dancing on stage.

– It’s a good thing to be compared to such a great singer. I love her! But the song and the performance are different, the only thing in common is the haircut which I have had for ten years now, she comments.


Sweden: First Rehearsal

Sweden is leading the OGAE poll, they won our Eurovision poll and are number two in the betting odds at the moment. Therefore it was no suprise Sanna Nielsen was one of the day’s most waited artists. Sweden usually sticks to the Melodifestivalen performance and so is the case this year. The only noticeable difference are the missing diamonds, or crystals, hanging from the ceiling – they weren’t allowed. The disco ball is still there, though. The Swedish delegation wanted to fix some camera angles and test different backdrops. There are five backing vocalists hiding on the stage.

Sanna answered the questions at Meet and Greet:

– I was enjoying every single second of it. I loved it and I’m very pleased with the first rehearsals, Sanna commented.

– To take part in Eurovision has been a dream to me and I’m finally here! I feel very secure being on stage here, it’s actually like the Melodifestivalen stage.

– I don’t feel any pressure, I’m here to do the best I can. It’s an honor to represent my country and I’m thankful to get this chance.


Pollapönk trusts in the power of colors. They take the advantage of the cubes which reflect colors. Also the Icelandic delegation tried different backdrops and they did even four run throughs. They are wearing their familiar tracksuits.


Hersi is on stage on top of a podium with her two backing singers standing next to it. There are also a drummer and guitarist. The backdrop displays a cloudy sky and the overall atmosphere seems somewhat mystical with smoke effects.


Russia brings on stage many gimmicks – the former Junior Eurovision winners are standing on a see-saw balancing on the edges. They are also having a choreography with transparent sticks. Today they tried the pyros that appear during the last chorus. At the same time the see-saw turns into a ‘rising sun’ as sung in the song.

At the Russian Meet and Greet the girls told they were satisfied with the first rehearsal and thanked DR for the organizations. The press asked about the ongoing conflict in Crimea. The delegation wanted to turn the discussion into a non-political press conference and the audience seemingly agreed.

The girls also looked forward to meeting this year’s other twins, representing France, especially as they are boys, the girls laughed.


The Azeri performance is created by Swedish Asa Engman and Polish-Japanese Piotr Torazawa Giro. In addition to Dilara herself and three backing vocalists, there’s a trapeze artist hanging from above the stage. Her moves aren’t strictly choreographed so that her performance looks somewhat different every time.

Dilara found the first rehearsal very exciting and she was especially worried for the trapeze artist as she was hanging eight meters above the stage. The press asked about why the country sends Swedish songs to Eurovision:

– There were Azerbaijani alternatives but the jury picked this one, the Head of Delegation explained and Dilara added that it was the best choice.


Ukraine continues this arms race and brings a ‘hamster wheel’ on stage. It is to symbolize the clock mechanism. Four Swedish backing vocalists are supporting Mariya who is on stage with a male dancer.

Mariya said she is not fully happy with her show as it is now and they will be fixing something in it.

– The main thing is that I got a feeling of the stage, she commented at the Meet and Greet.


Axel Hirsoux may stand out from the crowd after Russia-Azerbaijan-Ukraine trio and their tricks. Axel is again accompanied on stage by a female dancer on the background. Some purple and blue lights have been added to the otherwise black and white performance.

At the Meet And Greet Axel revealed that flying to Copenhagen was his first time on a plane. Also he praised the stage and told his mother is coming to Copenhagen next week to support him.