Helene Fischer the German spokesperson

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer, the local schlager queen, has been chosen to reveal the results of the German combined jury- and televoting during the Grand Final. Fischer is a 29-year old singer whose albums have been sold for millions of copies around Europe. She hosted last month’s ECHO award gala and was awarded the Album of the Year and Schlager of the Year prizes.

Fischer will be announcing the points live from Hamburg where NDR organizes Countdown to Copenhagen -event outdoors. This is hosted by Barbara Schöneberger who did also host the German national final.

In Belgium, the local broadcaster launched a contest earlier this month to make it possible for anyone to become the Belgian spokesperson. The top three candidates will be revealed this week and the audience will eventually have the chance to decide, who will present the Belgian points.

List of already chosen spokespersons can be found below:

  • Austria: Kati Bellowitsch
  • Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya
  • Georgia: Sophie and Nodi
  • Italy: Linus
  • Portugal: Joana Teles
  • San Marino: Michele Perniola
  • Spain: Carolina Casado