Day two rehearsals in nutshell (or pearl shell)


Cristina Scarlat arrived in Copenhagen yesterday and brought a surprise with her – Pasha Parfeny! This year he won’t be on stage, though, as in the past two years. However, there are four male dancers on the background and together with dark lighting they create a dramatic performance.

– The sound was perfect! I was a little bit afraid of it because it was the first time I would sing with in-ears, Cristina commented her first rehearsal at Meet & Greet.


Last year Valentina was on stage with an ‘IKEA lamp’ and this time they have brought a shell on stage. Valentina is ‘a pearl in the shell’ as she sings in her song. Four backing vocalists and a pianist are on the stage as well. All wind machine lovers can let out a sigh of relief as the performance will include one but it wasn’t working at the time, reports.

Valentina admits at the press meeting that in 2012 she was very scared on stage in Baku but now she has gained confidence.

– I’m less nervous now, I’m much more confident, my life is wonderful and I’m very fortunate, she says.

She couldn’t tell which of her Eurovision entries is her favorite saying that she loves all of them. She did also sing several samples of songs from her new album.


The Portuguese performance has the same elements as in the national final – including the big drums. The backdrop is the most colorful one seen so far fitting perfectly to the uptempo beats. In the most important news, Suzy’s dress will be red.

– We took samba from Brazil and drums from Africa. It’s a mixture of our history, Suzy says and refers to the Portuguese ex-colonies.

But why is Portugal singing in Portuguese while most of the countries sing in English?

– Because it’s our national language. When Eurovision started, everyone sang in their own language Of course English is majority and an international language but we wanted to maintain the Portuguese because the song’s rhythm is so strong that words are not necessary.


Waylon and Ilse DeLange are having, as expected, a simple yet effective performance, just like their entry. They are singing to each other playing guitars with a small band in the background. On the LED floor there’s a road and the backdrop show a landscape slowly moving in the breeze.

The duo was happy with the rehearsals and said all they need to adjust are small details. Otherwise the performance matched their expectations. At the Meet & Greet they told they are very calm and Waylon joked that he doesn’t even know how to write ‘nervous’.

– I was asked every year if I wanted to participate and I always answered no. But when Anouk participated, she changed a lot, she had a simple performance and it changed my point of view and made me look differently, Ilse answered the question about whether Anouk’s participation affected her decision this year.


After dancing astronauts, Montenegro’s new trick is to have an ice skater, or rather a roller skater, on stage á la Russia 2008. At the press meeting Sergej said they will need to adjust some movements for next rehearsals. Later on three backing vocalists join them. The Montenegrin delegation tried different camera angles to start the performance.


András Kállay-Saunders is taking over the entire stage and in accordance with the song he runs across the stage. The performance is very powerful with graphics changing throughout the song. There are two dancers on stage interpreting the song’s message with the woman trying to escape from the man – eventually András rescues her. What a hero!

– I wish I could be in Eurovision every year! I just wanna see the whole place packed and the audience cheering for me, András comments and continues that he wants to make Hungary proud of him.

András was asked if he thinks the theme of the song is too rough for a Eurovision entry.

– Not every song has to be about love, the song is based on a true story about my childhood friend. If the tempo would be depressing, people would likely stop listening and the message wouldn’t reach them, now people may even want to start dancing!


Malta: First rehearsal

The Maltese happy gang started the song by singing in a field and later the backdrop starts showing selfies – these selfies were chosen as a result of a competition, organized by the broadcaster earlier.

– We wanted to bring people on stage with us basically, we invited people to send in their selfies so that they can #JoinUs! Our song is ‘Coming Home’ and there are people far away from home and they can now be with us on stage, the group explained this idea.

– Eurovision is all about different countries coming together through the power of music and it’s great to be part of it!


Israel starts their performance with Mei standing in the middle of the stage while two dancers are approaching her from the catwalks. Orange and red are the theme colors of the performance and all possible LED screens and cubes are in active use.

– I’m very happy, it went very well. There are, however, many changes still need to be done like camera angles and lighting, maybe a few dance moves, Mei describes her feelings after the rehearsal at Greet & Meet.

The song for Mei was chosen by the audience out of three options.

– We listened to more than a hundred songs and I was very happy with the choice! We thought ‘Same Heart’ was the most suitable song for Eurovision and when it was elected we were very pleased.


The Norwegian performance includes Carl Espen, four violinists appearing later on and a piano player on the stage which is covered in smoke. There’s some kind of a silent storm going on in the background and the stage is constantly getting livelier before the darkness in the end.

– The main focus is on me and I have to perform it well to fill the big stage, Carl answered the question about how hard it is to take over a huge venue with a ballad.

– Today it was not frightening (to be on stage), it was only fun. But of course it will be different when the arena is full of people but I just need to keep my nerves calm. I don’t want to let people down by performing badly so that gives me some pressure.

Carl mentioned Finland’s Softengine and the Dutch Common Linnets as his favorite songs this year.


Just when you thought you had seen it all, Georgia brings a parachute on stage in B&W Hallerne. This goes well with the song title which is ‘Three Minutes To Earth’. The backdrop is turned into planet Earth and blue sky. The members of The Shin were in fact playing their instruments but as stated in the rules, all music must come from the tape.

At Meet & Greet they told they would make more music in the future as well.

– In the beginning we thought that we would stay together only for Eurovision but I’m sure we’ll continue this collaboration after this contest, too.


The Polish stand-in rehearsal clip leaked some days ago giving some hints of their performance although the backdrop has been changed into a red one. There are elements from their music video – women doing laundry and churning butter. It’s unusual that another member of the group is not on stage but so is the case in Poland as only Cleo is on the stage without Donatan.

– This song shows our culture, our colorful life. You can have great fun while listening to the song – the best thing we have are the beautiful girls! We also want to prove that the right time for folk music is right now.