Day 3: Summary of the rehearsals


The stage looks fantastic in the Austrian performance creating a phoenix bird in the background. Conchita has revealed that her outfit will be a golden one instead of the black one she’s wearing and that she has designed it herself. The lighting starts with a spotlight on Conchita and later on the entire venue is colored in orange-red.

Conchita’s press meeting was packed and she was asked more questions than time allowed.

– It was overwhelming! I sang three times and after the first time, I looked around and realized that I’m actually here! This is so big for me and everyone has done amazing job, Conchita told Ulla Essendrop at Meet & Greet.

– I want to show the world that you can do whatever you want to. If you’re not hurting anyone, you can do anything with your life!

About Poland, performing right before Conchita, she commented;

– I love the Polish entry, I’m not really into boobs but I love the video, Conchita said and made the audience laugh.

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Lithuania is the first country to use the ‘explosive smoke columns’ to give more power to the performance. The setting is quite similar to what we have seen in the national final with Vilija dancing together with her male dancer – the backing vocalists are standing on the right side.

– It’s not dubstep, it’s not hip-hop, it’s reggae. Or ‘electro reggae’, Vilija explained her song’s genre.


Softengine gave a typical band performance with members playing their instruments. Pyros aren’t used and the theme colors are red and silver. The performance reminds of the band’s music video – pretty much what could have been expected. The delegation tried different lights for their run-throughs.

– Some minor things need to be adjusted but they are fixable, no big problems.

– The song is about an old man who wanted to achieve something big but never did. After his wife died he realized that she was the best thing he had achieved, the band explained the lyrics.

One question was whether their families had given them any advice.

– Just minor things, no big guidelines. Of course they have supported us all the time and they know we can do this! They are coming here to support us later.


The stage looks really ‘Irish’ here with the flag’s colors being used. Together with Kasey, there’s a violist, two backing vocalists and two men wearing kilts.

– Can linn is Irish and means ‘sing together’. It suits this contest as music brings everyone together!


Energetic TEO and his team rehearsed next. On stage there are four combined backing vocalists/dancers plus one more backing vocalist standing a bit further away. Instead of a cake background, there seems to be a flower which changes color.

– The girl’s boyfriend was tired of being called ‘her sweetcake’ and the boy now wants to get rid of this nickname, TEO explained the song.

He also told that he is always ready to write songs for other artists and is available if there’s artists who want him to compose an entry for them.


Tijana arrived with attitude – her t-shirt is saying ‘That’s Bullshit Darling’. Tijana is on stage with her three backing singers, one of them is her sister and the country’s 2008 representative Tamara, and with a male dancer.

– It’s a pleasure to be with her on stage and now I can protect her from everything, Tamara jokes.

– The song is about love, about life and about good energy.

Tijana’s trademark are the eye glasses and the Macedonian delegation had brought some eye glasses with them as promotional material.


The Swiss performance opens with a pyro show and the fire theme continues in the backdrop throughout the song. The violin is there with Sebalter and the band is playing with him. They later walk to the catwalk where Sebalter starts playing drums.

– ‘Hunter Of Stars’ is about a journey that I made last year. I travelled coast-to-coast in USA. When I was there, it was night and I travelled by bus. The song reflects the mood I had while I took that journey and in my lyrics I tell some situations in general way that occurred during the trip, Sebalter explains the song.


Greece: First rehearsal

Greece: First rehearsal

There’s a trampoline! An acrobat is jumping on it and in the end the Freaky Fortune singers join him. The performance seems to divide opinions as others say this is a possible winner this year while others say it may not even qualify. We’ll see it in a week!

– I got a phone call from our record label and they asked if I wanted to record a single with Freaky Fortune. It was not meant to be for Eurovision but later we were proposed to enter the Greek final and now we are here, RiskyKidd tells how he collaborated with Freaky Fortune.


Tinkara was on stage with four backing vocalists. She revealed her dress today which is a blue one fitting to the backdrop. Later on the circulating backdrop turns into orange-red which seems to be a popular color theme this year.

– To be honest, I’m not really a Eurovision fan. In Slovenia I’ve participated the pre-selections four times and I’m really happy that I won this year as every artist wants to get a big audience, Tinkara admits.

– I’m singing about the world that keeps going round and round with people repeating the same good and bad things. We are living hard times and we must stay together and emphasize the love inside us.


Paula and Ovi’s performance is visually very impressive – the backdrop features for instance butterflies and hearts and at times, Paula is projected onto the ‘cube wall’. Another visual trick is the circular piano, played by Ovi. Four backing vocalists are there as well.

– We believe in miracles so lets make it happen! We were so close to the winning in 2010, we could almost taste the victory! We decided that if we would have a great song, we could participate again and last year we composed this entry, the duo answers the question if they could win it this time.

– We still have to improve our performance and we are working on to adjust everything happening on stage to give more value to the elements the organizers have prepared for us.