ESC 2014: List of 185 jury members published

Eurovision voting

This year the new Eurovision rules demand broadcasters to reveal who are in the country’s jury panel before the actual song contest. Each country has a jury panel of five members who have a 50% stake in the outcome while the televoters have another 50%.

By revealing the members beforehand, EBU wants to highlight the importance of transparency in the contest to avoid speculations on cheating.

The full list [PDF] can be viewed here.

Following rules were applied for the jurors;

  • Members shall not have been part of a National Jury the preceding two years.
  • Members of the National Juries must be music industry professionals
  • There shall be a balance among the members of each National Jury to ensure sufficient representativeness in terms of gender, age and background.
  • All members of the National Juries shall be citizens of the country they represent.
  • No member of a National Jury shall be connected in any way with any of the participating songs entered and/or artists performing in the Eurovision Song Contest in such a way that they cannot vote in complete independence and impartiality.

The jurors are guided to pay attention to the following elements when rating the songs;

  • vocal capacity
  • the performance on stage
  • the composition and originality of the song
  • the overall impression by the act

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