Presenting the entries: Albania



Composers: Gentian Lako, Jorgo Papingji

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Selection format

The 52nd Festivali i Këngës -music festival took place after Christmas. The submission period was open in October and 16 acts were chosen to the semi-finals, although none of them was eliminated in these shows. Therefore they all took part in the final as well. Among the participants were the country’s 2006 and 2007 representatives Luiz Ejlli and Frederik Ndoci. The winner was chosen by the jury. Herciana Matmuja was declared the winner and also the country’s Eurovision representative.


Herciana Matmuja, or Hersi in Eurovision, was born in 1990 in Northern Albania. Already at the age of nine she participated her first music festivals and in 2005 she entered a talent show, aired on television, reaching the finals. Hersi has participated Festivali i Këngës for four times before finally winning it this year. She has studied classical music but names artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Björk as her favorites. Hersi’s Eurovision entry was originally performed in Albanian in the national final but for Eurovision it has been translated into English.