In brief: DR/EBU press conference

Press conference EBU DR

Sander Hesterman (EBU)

The EBU and DR held a welcome press conference this noon in Copenhagen. Executive Producer Jon Ola Sand, Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker from EBU and Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme as well as Executive Producer Pernille Gaardbo from DR were on the spot.

To begin the press conference, Pernille Gaardbo and Jan Lagermand Lundme explained the ideas behind the logo and theme of this year’s event. They revealed that each show has its own theme which are;

  • SF 1: Join Us in Denmark
  • SF 2: Joining the world
  • GF: Join the competition

Postcards of Austria, Belarus and United Kingdom were presented. During the shows we’ll also get to watch different Eurovision records from the history of the contest – in the press conference ‘The Most La’s’ and ‘The Most Silver’ -record clips were showcased.

This year’s shows will be broadcast in countries that decided not to participate (like Croatia, Cyprus, Serbia..) but also in Australia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan and negotiations are taking place to broadcast it in Canada as a try out.


Jon Ola Sand talked about the Ukraine-Russia conflict and says that it shouldn’t affect Eurovision. He has been talking to the both delegations and there have been no problems whatsoever between them. Earlier it was confirmed that the votes from Crimea will be counted as Ukrainian votes but this was not up to EBU to decide and it is up to the local telecom operators.

Talking about last year’s cheating attempts in televoting, Jon Ola Sand said they needed to improve  the system and add transparency. This year the full split televoting/jury voting results will be revealed right after the Grand Final and also individual jury votes will be published. Names of all 185 jurors were revealed yesterday.

– We asked broadcasters of five countries to make changes with their jury members and these changes were made, Sietse Bakker revealed.

60th edition

Eurovision Song Contest celebrates its 60th edition next year. EBU has already previously told they will do something special to celebrate it.

– We are looking at several options. Some broadcasters have approached us and suggested to organize something with us. For instance NDR of Germany could organize an Anniversary Show in Berlin. We are also working on an achieve to digitize every possible contest online.