Day 5 rehearsals summarized


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Armenien testar pyroteknik #eurovision #euroviisut

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This time Aram Mp3 has a hand-held microphone as they planned to switch it last time. Pyros are also in use with flames bursting when the dubstep part begins. Today’s outfit is the one he will be wearing on Tuesday as well.

Aram came to the press conference wearing a mermaid tail. This way he wants to show his love towards the famous fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen.

– We changed the type of microphone because it will be better for the performance. We will have some changes with the lighting and I believe the next rehearsals will only get better and better, we are on the right track, Aram commented today’s rehearsals.

– Before being asked by ARMTV to do Eurovision, I planned to record an album but I’ve postponed it due to the song contest. I hope that it will be released later this year.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

For this rehearsal the group decided to start by meeting on the stage, approaching from different sides and then the ‘outdoor party’ can begin.

– I think it went well and we are starting to find the right cameras. We are getting used to the stage and getting in the right mood, Aarzemnieki commented their second rehearsal.

– The first rehearsal was okay, this one was more professional. Now we have to think whether we want to be professional or spontaneous – find the right balance.


Tanja had some troubles with her microphone in today’s rehearsals as the transmitter fell off but it was fixed for the next run-through.

– Today I didn’t wear my Tuesday’s costume and that’s why it fell. It didn’t matter because when I had my real costume it stayed there the whole performance.

– This was a good rehearsal, better than the first one. We had some little things to change in lights and camera angles and DR did wonderful job. We wanted to keep it simple and it is now in a good way.

– The most important thing for me is to perform, I can’t compare whether I enjoy more dancing or singing. It’s not that easy to dance and sing at the same time but I’ve rehearsed my Eurovision performance two hours a day to be in shape.


Rep med nya scenkläderna! #esc #eurovision

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Sanna’s outfit finally arrived in Copenhagen as well and in today’s rehearsal she wore it for the first time in public. The backdrop was kept dark and the main focus was on the podium surrounded by spotlights.

– I’m super thrilled, I’m very pleased with all of our rehearsals and I finally got to wear my costume! We had a few changes with the backdrop and lights. We had three different run-throughs today and now we know a bit more how our performance will eventually look like.

In front of the press Sanna also sang a bit of her 2008 Melodifestivalen entry, ‘Empty Room’, in addition to the acoustic version of ‘Undo’.

– Music keeps me participating in Melodifestivalen. It’s such a great event and I always watched it already when I was like seven years old.

– My new album will be released in Sweden and Scandinavia late June and in Germany in July, Sanna Nielsen told about her plans after the contest.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

The guys from Pollapönk on stage! #Eurovision #JoinUs

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The Icelandic performance is a real color fest! Pollapönk changed their outfits to a suits instead of the tracksuits which were seen on Monday. The green outfit had to be replaced by a pink one so that it would stand out from the backdrop.

– We had a lot of fun on stage! It was a very good rehearsal and we are very happy.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Hersi showcased her beige semi-final outfit today in her second rehearsal. The stage looks very mystical with smoke effects. The backdrop takes us to a dark forest and also the full moon is there. Hersi performs on stage barefoot, just like the winners from the past two years.

– The first rehearsal was good and the second one was amazing because we had the new costumes, too. We didn’t make changes in our performance.

– I’m going to sing with my heart and I hope to be able to reach the people, Hersi answered the question about how she is going to stand out this year.

– Of course I have my favorite song this year but I don’t want to tell it because I don’t think that it’s fair now.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Beige is the color also for Russia. The twins have their hair tied up in the beginning and later on they move further away from each other on the edges of the seesaw. The Portuguese singer Rui Andrade is there to open up the canvas in the background which symbolizes the ‘rising sun’.

– We felt more comfortable today on stage after fixing some minor things like lighting and background.

– Our lives of course changed completely, people started to recognize us on the street and we recorded our debut album. After Junior Eurovision our dream was to participate the “big Eurovision” and our dreams have now come true. It’s a big responsibility to represent the entire country. The Junior Eurovision experience is useful here because we have some experience on how to perform on stage.

Once again the Ukraine-Russia conflict was discussed.

– We came here to sing so for us it doesn’t matter. We came here to represent our country.

The same answer was used to the question about petitions demanding the Russian broadcaster to remove the Austrian representative Conchita Wurst from their broadcast.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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Dilara and the acrobat were wearing similar red dresses which reminds of last year’s trick in which the artist is being mirrored. The backdrop varies between red and blue shapes combined with a city skyline and a church-like window.

– We had a very successful rehearsal today, everything worked well. We are really satisfied and confident.

Dilara took the advantage of the press conference and told about her project in which she is selling merchandises to raise money for a new animal shelter in Baku.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Today’s outfit may not be Mariya’s dress in the live show as she is yet to pick the right one. Camera angles were changed ‘to make Mariya’s performance on TV screens during live broadcasting even more remarkable’. Also lighting was added to the sides and to the floor.

– I’m trying to ‘be friends’ with the stage. The main thing is the feeling and I’m much more confident now. We are trying to create an intimate atmosphere of two people who are struggling against the time to save their love.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

In the press conference Axel joked that his next song would be about his father and his album about every member of the family.

– This rehearsal went better than on Monday and I think that I’m ready for the semi-final now.

Being a former The Voice contestant, Axel was asked how these two differ.

– Eurovision is the beginning of my career and The Voice was a step towards it. In Eurovision I represent my country and in The Voice I only represented myself so that’s a big difference.


Thomas Hanses (EBU)

Hair tricks seem to be popular this year, first with Russia and now with Moldova. Cristina takes off her extensions before the last chorus. Today they wore their stage outfits which remind their national final outfits.

– We are still rehearsing to learn to look at the right cameras.

– Wild Soul is about a powerful woman who can overcome weaknesses inside her. To win, you need to be a fighter!

Cristina Scarlat admits that the competition is tough especially in this semi-final and that she must gather strength to be able to compete against them.


San Marino: Second rehearsal

Thomas Hanses (EBU) hints that the anonymous pianist in the Sammarinese performance could in the upcoming shows be Ralph Siegel, the composer of 21 Eurovision entries. We’ll see if that is true! In the press conference the delegation told that he may arrive in Copenhagen tomorrow to celebrate his 40th anniversary since his first Eurovision song. The settings haven’t changed in Valentina’s performance with her standing on a podium as the pearl of the shell.

– Day by day I’m much better, it’s an evolution, Valentina laughs.

– I’m more concentrated on my performance and this rehearsal was much better. I believe I stand out by sending a positive message and I want people to feel my happiness when they are watching my performance. When I’m on the stage, I want to give my best. I want to qualify to the final this year, it would be really important to me.


It’s a good to get a warm breeze from Portugal between the ballads. Suzy offers the viewers colors, topless men and huge drums – isn’t that what Eurovision is all about?

– Everything went wonderful! We slightly fixed the choreography but no major changes. Now we just have to do our best and hope for the best. It would be a dream come true if Portugal would reach the final again.

– My song is about unconditional, pure love. No drama!


On stage The Common Linnest aka Ilse DeLange and Waylon were wearing their stage outfits, although Ilse DeLange was still pondering between white and black dress.

The singers were pleased with today’s rehearsals and the few changes the organizers made to the visual side of the performance. They also answered the question about whether they will continue as a duo after the song contest;

– Eurovision has been a perfect platform for us to collaborate but after this experience we will definitely continue our own solo careers.


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Montenegro takes the advantage of the LED screen on the floor which can be used as a touch screen as well. The roller skater leaves a white trail on the floor after her.

– I think the song is much stronger emotionally in my native language. Many countries sing in English this year so I wanted the song to be more personal. I feel like I’m representing the Balkan countries this year as many of them decided not to participate.

– This year we are going to break the tradition of Montenegro staying in the semi-final. We are here to win, Sergej says with confidence.


– Both rehearsals went very well. We changed a few camera angles and today I changed my outfit, András Kállay-Saunders told in the press conference.

– Most songs are about love but I decided to sing about something more serious. The song is based on a true story about domestic violence and child abuse. It’s not a typical song but I’ve received positive feedback especially about bringing up this topic.