Round-up of Saturday’s rehearsals


Andres Putting (EBU)

As the opening act of semi-final two, Malta is kind of a warm-up entry for others. Firelight didn’t change setting-wise anything and the same warm field backdrop with selfies remain.

– In the viewing room we asked the production team to increase the amount of selfies in the backdrop. We don’t exactly know how many selfies there are but we sent some 200 of them to the production team and they made the final decision.

– We always try to have fun on stage. We just go on stage and do our thing! This rehearsal went better than the first one, we are now more familiar with the stage.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Mei Finegold is one of the favorites in the annual press center voting and she got a good reaction after her performance.

– I’m very happy with the rehearsal, it went very well! We did some minor changes to the lighting. We have a private rehearsing room here in Copenhagen and we did some changes to the choreography.

– Some songs sound perfect in their own language and they don’t need to be translated into English. ‘Same Heart’ was written originally in English which sounded very natural. For me it was very important to add some Hebrew to the lyrics as well.

When asked about Mei’s favorite Israeli Eurovision entries, she mentioned Dana International and Milk and Honey’s ‘Hallelujah’ among others. She said that she every year likes the songs Israel sends and feels like they are representing Israel well.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Carl Espen came on stage wearing his semi-final outfit which will be a casual suit. Four violists appear on the podium after the first chorus and the wind machine is activated when the song reaches its climax.

– I think we all are happy now, we changed some lighting issues but no major changes.

– The song is about how I see Carl as a person. I’ve had this feeling that he has something inside him that he would like to get out. Carl is a very down-to-earth person but I believe a lot is going on inside his head, the songwriter and Carl’s cousin Josefin Wither explains.

In the press conference Carl also performed an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s hit ‘Roar’.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Georgia made some changes to the graphics as now the backdrop turns into a green valley towards the end.

– In the first rehearsal we didn’t like the background but now it’s much better. We are still not completely happy with some camera angles but I believe they will be improved in the next rehearsals.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Donatan and Cleo haven’t spent much time in Copenhagen as they flew directly from the first rehearsal back to Poland to perform there. Now they are back in the Eurovision Island and today’s rehearsal was pretty much the same as seen on Tuesday with important elements; doing laundry and churning butter.

In the press conference the Polish delegation told that Donatan, the producer of the song who is not on stage during the performance, is behind the idea of the stage presentation.

– In the performance we showcase our traditional, colorful costumes and dance from our region, one of the backing dancers told.

The press conference’s attention soon turned into the boobs.

– Everything is 100% natural!


Austria: Second rehearsal

Andres Putting (EBU)

The Austrian delegation tested some pyros at the end of the song. Conchita wore her dress for the semi-final today, standing on a podium.

– I really wanted to go for a simple, timeless staging which is also very glamorous at the same time. Standing in the middle of this glamour is just overwhelming. I’m so ready to go on stage next week!

– I hope the audience will get the whole package and not just pieces. People often ask me why I have such a humorous surname when I stand for serious issues. But I’m both, serious and funny.


Lithuania: Second rehearsal

Andres Putting (EBU)

If the song itself doesn’t scream attention enough, the clothes will for sure. The Lithuanian team is wearing very futuristic outfits in blue and black, fitting to the color theme of the stage.

– I was a bit nervous when singing on the stage because I was a little tired but I felt much better when I saw the performance on screen.

Vilija mentioned Israel 2005, Switzerland 2009 and Iceland 2009 as her favorite Eurovision entries from the past.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Toinen veto. #Softengine

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– We fixed the problems we had last time in our ear monitors and now the performance is how we wanted it to be.

– Soft symbolizes the soft side of our music and engine the electronic and rough side of our songs, the band explained the name of their group.

The lead singer mentioned Greece, Malta and Hungary as his favorite entries this year.

– We are recording a new album and our new single will be released right after the song contest.


Andres Putting (EBU)

The Irish act is a very typical one with celtic patterns, drums and kilts. The colors are also from the Irish flag. The choreographer told that they are aware of the fact that it’s 20 years since Riverdance was introduced in Eurovision 1994 and that they borrowed some Riverdance elements in their performance but in more modern style.

– We are getting comfortable with the stage now and every performance just keeps getting better and better.


Belarus switched their backdrop completely to a more colorful one. Teo flirts with the camera pretty much like in his music video. But still no cheesecakes visible.

– I created the choreography myself and I’ve also tried to teach the dance moves to others.

Teo said they are having fun with other participants as well and that they have become good friends backstage.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Tijana and her team were wearing black and white today on stage but without Tijana’s trademark – the white eye glasses.

– We are willing to win, director Boris Miljkovic from the Macedonian delegation tells.

– I want the people watching us to feel that we come from a beautiful country full of great talent. I want them to feel the amazing energy!

– I decided to sing in English because I want everyone to understand what I’m singing and I think it sounds better in English.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Whenever you hear whistling, you can be sure Switzerland is on stage! Up next today was Sebalter with ‘Hunter of Stars’.

– Today we focused on the cameras and I’m getting familiar with the stage and I feel at home there now. I always perform the show in my head before getting on stage, that’s my routine – a ‘mental warm-up’.

One question was about the name ‘Sebalter’;

– ‘Alter’ stands for alter ego so my artist name Sebalter is simply Sebastiano’s alter ego.

The artist also told he is working on an album right now and new music from him can be expected to be released in summer.


Andres Putting (EBU)

The Greek trampoline has gotten black and white stripes since the last rehearsal. The ruling color theme is white and light blue which are in the backdrop’s patterns and clouds as well.

– We are getting used to the stage which is the idea of these rehearsals of course.

– We wanted to visualize ‘Rise Up’ in an interesting way. We came up with the idea of a trampoline which combines freedom, spirit and the rise up feeling.


Andres Putting (EBU)

The most notable changes besides the usual camera angles and lights were Tinkara changing her shoes for this rehearsal.

– I chose the color because it is my favorite color. The designer made several sketches and I loved this one the most, Tinkara told about her dress.

– This contest doesn’t make me nervous, it makes me happy!

The flute is an essential part of Tinkara’s song and performance.

– The flute is my third hand and is the prolongation to my voice and vice versa.

Last year’s representative Hannah is also behind Tinkara’s song and she gave Tinkara an advice to be proud and self confident.


Andres Putting (EBU)

Romania showed new tricks in today’s rehearsals. They had changed a bit of their choreography and pyros were added to the performance. The circle piano and Paula’s hologram projected in the background cubes were still there. The duo explained that the circular piano symbolizes unity for them as it forms a circle between the two artists.

– We are happy with the changes. We are almost there but we are still working hard to offer you the best we can. We may still have a few surprises to show.

– The hologram gives the impression of me appearing on the other sides of the stage being a miracle, Paula explains this trick.

– My high note requires proper training and sometimes it’s not safe to do it as it may harm your voice. But with the sound we have on stage it’s safe because I don’t have to push it too hard. I practice my voice every day with my vocal trainer.