Summary of the direct finalists’ rehearsals



The stage for the Germans is very purple with chess pattern and different curtains. Also the band’s name is there in the backdrop. Elaiza uses confetti in the last run-throughs. All in all quite similar to their national final performance.

The band was seemingly happy with their rehearsal and were thrilled. Some minor changes will be made for Tuesday’s rehearsal.

– We have never been on such a big stage! It’s incredible that we get to share our music with Europe. We try to enjoy being on stage and have fun!

– We are combining many different styles and cultures in our music with accordion and double bass.

Elaiza got their ticket to the German national final after having submitted their entry to a contest for newcomers.

– We established a YouTube channel and over 2,000 songs were received. We had a small club concert in Hamburg and Elaiza won the wildcard for the national final. Unforeseen but not surprisingly they won the final and we are very happy about it, the broadcaster’s representative said.


United Kingdom: First rehearsal

Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Smoke covers the stage for Molly’s performance and backdrop is filled with white leaves/flowers on a dark surface in the beginning. Again, four backing vocalists and a drummer are there with Molly. The last run-through also contains pyro curtain (or ‘golden rain’), a similar one which was used for Emmelie de Forest last year.

– You don’t give your all in the rehearsals so I will give my all on Friday and Saturday, Molly comments.

– Children of the Universe has a special meaning to me. The message is so important and I want everyone to hear it. The message is about knowing your worth as a human being and feel yourself important in this world.

Molly said she will be releasing her album at some point this year.

– This year we took a new approach and saw a great opportunity for a new talent to be showcased in the song contest, the Head of UK Delegation explains.


Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Two dancers join Twin Twin on stage. The backdrop is at least colorful with mustaches in there as well.

– The song tells about how people always want more and are never satisfied. We always think of what we don’t have. On stage we have lots of colors and mustaches, of course. Very epileptic.

In the press meeting the group performed a beatbox version of ‘Moustache’.

– It was important for us to sing in our language, in French.


Denmark: First Rehearsal

Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Five backing vocalists/dancers and Basim were on stage next. They are all wearing black suits like in the national final. The backdrop is dark with golden lights. There will also be pyros and a flag – but not a Danish flag like in DMGP but a flag with a picture of Basim himself.

– I hope ‘Cliché Love Song’ cheer people up and make them dance, it’s a happy song! The idea from the beginning was to compose a catchy, radio friendly song with a twist in the love story.

The singer assured that he doesn’t have any added pressure because he is representing Denmark on home soil, he feels great support from the country.

– I really liked the performance when I saw it on screen and we’ll see if we need to make any changes or not.


Sander Hesterman (EBU)

The stage is kept mainly white for Italy and Emma takes over the stage in her energetic performance – later she walks to the catwalk and kneels down. Her band is on stage all wearing white. The backdrop features patterns reminding of ancient times and at times Emma’s face is also on the screens. Italy uses some pyros as well.

After her rehearsal, Emma was happy with the outcome and said it went perfectly.

– I’m excited to be on stage, Eurovision Song Contest is a big opportunity to me and my music.

– La mia città (My City) is not about a specific city, it’s about all the cities I’ve been to. I’m singing in Italian because it’s my language, my culture.

Emma will start her Italian tour soon after the contest. Whether she participates Sanremo music festival again or not remains to be seen, the singer couldn’t answer that question just yet.


Spain: First rehearsal

Sander Hesterman (EBU)

Ruth Lorenzo is standing on the stage with her backing vocalists on the right side. Staging is very simple with rain falling down on the background screens.

– There are some details I still want to improve when it comes to lights and camera angles. But for an artist it is very calming to work with such a professional team.

Ruth thinks her participation in the UK X-Factor helps in Eurovision as well and mentions the audience as the biggest difference.

– In X-Factor there were some 12 million viewers and Eurovision is being watched by approximately 200 million viewers worldwide.

– The song was originally written in English when I was in UK and when I came to Spain, I wanted the Spanish audience to understand it, too. For me it is important to sing in my native language but I want that the international audience will also understand the lyrics.

Ruth revealed that she has all the songs written for her album and she needs to record them. She also wants to release it in South America in addition to Spain.