EBU turned down SVT’s protest after ‘light chaos’

Light feilure

This picture shows the spotlight which should have turned together with the others – but it didn’t | Picture: SVT

In last night’s important jury dress rehearsal, the Swedish performance had a small technical failure when one of the spotlights did not agree to cooperate. The pictures of SVT show that the spotlight turned in the wrong direction. Right after the show, SVT complained to EBU and host broadcaster DR demanding that the juries across Europe would be shown the previous dress rehearsal from the afternoon which went without problems.

– EBU didn’t see this as a necessary and the petition was turned down. I wrote them back and suggested that they should at least notify the jurors that there was a technical failure in the performance and take that in consideration when judging it. EBU agreed to do so, Christer Björkman says.