Sum-up of the last individual rehearsals



Not much has changed in the German performance. The band is playing on stage and in the first and last chorus, the confetti, similar to the one in national final, ‘explodes’. Circus theme remains in the backdrop as in the first rehearsals.

– We had some ideas and the production team had some ideas about the cameras and LED wall and we are still working to find the perfect mixture.

Germany was drawn into the first half of the Grand Final.



Molly revealed her dress for the final today. No pyro wall was used today and it remains to be seen if they have decided not to use it at all or if they just didn’t use it today.

– It’s all coming together nicely. Obviously I’m saving my voice for the actual performances. I’m literally overwhelmed by the job the Danish production team is doing! Now it’s just up to me to do my part well.

– I can only say positive things about Eurovision and I’m very happy for my decision to participate. It’s an incredible experience.

Molly was asked where she would like the contest to be held in UK if she would win this year. She mentioned London, where she lives, and Leicester where she grew up.

United Kingdom was drawn to compete in the second half on Saturday.



Ready for press conference !!! #TwinTwinerz Oh Yeah

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In the press meeting after their first rehearsal, Twin Twin described their performance as ‘epileptic’. That is a perfect word for this performance full of colors, mustaches and energetic jumping and running on stage.

– We are building up our performance and today it really improved. We changed some details about the lights and LED screens to match together better.

France competes in the second half on Saturday night.


Denmark: Second rehearsal


No dramatic changes for Denmark either, the huge banner is still part of the performance. The delegation tried slightly different choreographies on their run-throughs.

Denmark’s starting position (23.) in the final was drawn already earlier so that the producers didn’t determine it.

– They say it is! But in any case, if it is a good song I don’t think the number matters, Basim comments whether 23 is a good number or not.

When asked about the banner in the background, Basim joked it could become a tablecloth in his apartment after the contest.

– I really liked the love sign, it’s international and welcoming. When I won the Danish final, I had the Danish flag on stage but we can’t use flags on stage here so this replaces it.



Emma is wearing a white dress with golden decorations. White and golden are the theme colors in the backdrop as well with Emma’s face being projected there at times together with patterns resembling of Ancient Rome.

Emma came to the press conference tired and disappointed.

– It’s been hard work because I really want to make good impact on Eurovision stage. I think I wasn’t good on stage today, I can dod better!

What cheered Emma up was to be drawn to the second half.

– This is the first lucky thing happening to me today!



The dress Ruth was wearing today is her actual dress for the show but she hints that she is still going to do something to it.

– We are still considering the camera angles, for example whether the backing vocalists are hidden or not, and lights etc. It’s a great stage and it has an amazing ability to create something really special. I’m still worried about the details.

Ruth was drawn into the second half of the Grand Final.


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