Lithuania wins the award for the worst dressed artist

Vilija Barbara Dex

Andres Putting (EBU)

The annual Barbara Dex award has been given away today. This award is given to the artist with the worst outfit as a result of online voting.

This year the award is given to Vilija Matačiūnaité who represented Lithuania. In the semi-final she and her backing vocalists and dancer wore futuristic black and blue outfits. She won this voting by far the most with Italy and Moldova in joint second place.

  1. Lithuania – 311 votes
  2. Italy – 90 votes
  3. Moldova – 90 votes
  4. Georgia – 76 votes
  5. Albania – 64 votes
  6. France – 56 votes
  7. F.Y.R. Macedonia – 52 votes
  8. Ireland – 52 votes
  9. Poland – 40votes
  10. Germany – 30 votes

The name of the award comes from Barbara Dex who represented Belgium in 1993. She made her own dress which she wore during the live performance and some say it was awful. Maybe because of the dress or the song itself she finished last.