Requirements set for Eurovision 2015 venue

Eurovision 2014 audience

Picture: EBU

ORF of Austria has published the requirements for Eurovision 2015 venue. The venue will be chosen within the next two months and the last date for possible venues to enter the race is set for June 13. The 2015 host venue shall meet the following requirements, set by EBU and ORF;

  • Minimum audience capacity of approximately 10,000.
  • Venue must be available for six weeks before the final. The venue must be empty during the Heads of Delegations meeting in March.
  • Preferred dates for the shows are set for May 19, 21 and 23. Other weeks of May can be discussed. EBU had originally set the preliminary dates for May 12, 14 and 16.
  • The venue must be covered – no open air. Minimum ceiling height is 15 meters.
  • The Green Room must be inside or in close proximity to the venue with a capacity of 300 persons.
  • The Press Center must be able to handle 1,500 journalists.