AVROTROS: Alain Clark one of the candidates for The Netherlands

Alain Clark

Picture: Freddie de Roeck

The Dutch newspapers have this morning reported that the Dutch broadcaster would already have chosen their representative for Vienna 2015. This artist would be Alain Clark, as De Telegraaf claims.

Now the broadcaster AVROTROS confirms that Clark is one of their candidates but they haven’t made the final decision yet. According to the news agency ANP, a spokesperson from the broadcaster urges both, established and unknown artists still to sign up for the race.

Following the success of Anouk and The Common Linnets, Alain Clark would be continuing the list of well known artists representing the country. Alain Clark, 35, debuted in 2004 when his first album was released. Three years later he started singing in English and his album sold over 180,000 copies in Netherlands. His hit single ‘This Ain’t Gonna Work’ came from that album. Other hits include for instance ‘Father & Friend’, ‘Back In My World’ and ‘Blow Me Away’.

SOURCE: De Telegraaf, ANP, Songfestivalweblog.nl

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