Cyprus: Representative chosen from among these in February

Cyprus rehearsing

Despina Olympiou is part of the jury

Cyprus returns big time after skipping the 2014 song contest. A massive 60 acts are competing in the televised shows and it all culminates on February 1st when the Cypriot representative is chosen. The first televised show airs on December 7. A total of nine programmes will be aired before the final – the first stage consists of pre-recorded castings. Then, the semi-final shows begin and there will also be a second chance -round before the final.

The jury consists of  Alex Panayi (1995/2000), Despina Olympiou (2013), Elena Patroklou (1991) and Tasos Tryfonos.

The 60 performers and the song titles are listed below.

  • Victorious sung by Yuri Melikov
  • Unicorn sung by Anastasia Liberi
  • Lonely sung by Lucy Sofroniou
  • Miracle sung by Olivia Sofocli
  • Run Run Run sung by Nelena Paparisva
  • Scared sung by Valence (Chrisovalantis Nikolaou)
  • Let Your Mind Free sung by Flirt
  • Chlomi Selini (Pale moon) sung by Nikolas Leventis
  • One Thing I Should Have Done sung by Giannis Karagiannis
  • Rainbow sung by Kostas Karaiskos
  • Shine sung by Minus One
  • Stone In A River sung by Hovig
  • Come And Fight For Freedom sung by Eva Diva
  • Don’t Give Up On Me (Just Yet) sung by ApolloNia
  • Shake Dat sung by Georgiou Kyriakos
  • You Can’t Stop Love sung by Christina Papaioannou
  • Right In sung by Aimily Charalampous
  • Ena Kafe Mazi (A coffee together) sung by Nikolas Mavromichalis
  • Without Your Love sung by Panagiotis Koufogiannis
  • Magic sung by Doody
  • Find Me sung by Maria Pampori
  • No Money No Honey sung by Elena Panayi
  • Steko Akoma (Still hanging on) sung by Kostas Archontous
  • Still sung by Maria Evangelou
  • Play Me Like A Pop Song sung by Maria Evangelou
  • My Aura Is Bright sung by Chrystalla Patsia feat. DJ performer Cyprus Karavioti
  • Said It All Before sung by Pieros Kezou
  • Live Your Myth sung by Adrenaline by Kristis Koupatos
  • Call On Love sung by Stefanos Tsiitsios (Stephano Prunabelli)
  • March To Doubt sung by Stefanos Tsiitsios (Stephano Prunabelli)
  • Beat Of My Heart sung by Ioanna Protopapa
  • World One sung by Stella Esmeralda Konstantinou
  • Dawn sung by Eleni Iracleus
  • Chorevo Mambo (Dancing mambo) sung by Evagoras Evagorou
  • Tha Sou Tragoudiso (I’ll sing for you) sung by Maria Pavlou
  • Until The End Of Time sung by Lady Ava
  • Eimai Edo (I am here) sung by Nikos Trikki
  • Your Love sung by Gore Melian
  • Stand Up sung by Konstantinos Michailoudi
  • Meine (Stay) sung by Christos Rialas
  • Deila Den Agapo (I don’t love timidly) sung by Charis Savva, Nearchos Evaggelou
  • The Key Is Love sung by Lady Ava
  • Real You sung by Eleni Savva
  • Heaven On Earth sung by Eleonora
  • Alone In Love sung by Lefki Stilianou
  • Thelo Na Gino Oranos (I want to become the sky) sung by Stella Stilianou
  • Thelo Na Chatho (I want to disappear) – Stella Stilianou
  • Kori Tis Messogeiou (Daughter of the Mediterranean sea) – Christodoula Tsaggara
  • Lonely Nights sung by Lefki Stilianou
  • I Didn’t Know sung by Christina Matsa
  • When I Look At You sung by Dimitris Iakovou
  • Call For Me sung by Iosif Charalampous
  • I Wanna Dance (I Say Tempo) sung by Iosif Charalampous
  • Is This Real Life sung by Groove Therapy
  • Sailing Ships Pirates And Dragons sung by Giorgos Moisi, Maria Moskofian, Christiana Chatziiordanous
  • In This Arms sung by Christina Tselepou
  • When We Used To Be sung by Georgiou Konstantina
  • Remember My Love sung by Ifigenia Loukaidou featuring Lyrical Eye
  • Just Another Guy sung by Marios Liasidos
  • Rebound sung by Neofitos Stratis