Belarus: Over 110 songs enter – Final December 26th

Alexander Rybak Milki

Alexander Rybak entered the contest as a songwriter for girl group Milki

Over 110 songs have entered the Belarusian national selection, BTRC reports on its website. Submissions have increased from last years when some 80 songs were received.

Auditions will take place on December 4th and 5th when the jury will pick the 15 finalists. The running order will take place on December 7th and the final is set for December 26th.

This year, the voting will be a bit different. BTRC explains that “the overall result of each participant will consist of 8 ratings, 7 of them are the marks of the jury and 1 point will come from the audience”. This is the same format as used in Malta which means that the televoters will become one additional jury member.