Latvia: 20 entries are ready for Supernova 2015


Since last year, Latvia has created a new selection format called Supernova, replacing the old format Dziesma. Today, the broadcaster could reveal the 20 competing entries for the new selection.

  • Antra Stafecka – It’s the Night
  • Ornella – Angel
  • Katrina Bindere – Run to You
  • Aminata – Love Injected
  • Markus Riva – Take Me Down
  • Gunars Gaumigs – Life Lines
  • Atis Ievins – Catfish
  • Minta – Nefelibata
  • Martins Ruskis & Ginta Krievkalna – Desesis
  • Rihards Berzens – Your Eyes
  • Euphony – Home
  • Signe – Sweet Girl
  • Dima Milenin ft. Kamilla – Colours of Love
  • Linda Kaukule – Save Our Love
  • Lana Svilpe – Lions
  • Katrina Ciruls – Bass
  • Framest – Ziema
  • The Stones – Free Your Mind
  • Elektro Folk – Dieva Deli
  • Riga Metro High Heels

The Supernova selection method will consist of an introduction show, two semifinals and a final. 4 entries will compete in the final, where both public and a jury will make the final decision together. However, the jury will have some extra power during the selection, as they will be able to bring back an eliminated song, give it to a still competing artist and replace it with the current artist’s original song.

The shows will be held in Riga at the 2nd, 8th, 15th and 22nd of February.

Photo: Supernova logo by LTV

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