Andi Knoll & Kati Bellowitsch to host Monday’s Allocation Draw

Kati Bellowitsch Andi Knoll

Picture: orf/Milenko Badzic

Familiar faces to especially Austrian Eurovision fans will be hosting the Semi-Final Allocation Draw on Monday in Vienna. Andi Knoll and Kati Bellowitsch have an important task as in the event, each country will be drawn into the first or second semi-final. It will also be drawn in which semi-final the direct finalists will be voting.

This duo will also host the Opening Ceremony on the 17th of May when all the Eurovision 2015 artists will be present.

Andi Knoll has been the Eurovision commentator for the Austrian viewers almost every year since 1999. He has also hosted several national finals. He will be commentating the contest on home soil this year, too. In addition to that, Andi will be hosting the new ESC Live -show which will air between May 18th and 23rd from inside the arena.

Kati Bellowitsch has been the Austrian spokesperson since 2011. This year she will also be hosting half of the over 80 press conferences in Vienna in front of 1,700 press members. The other host is yet to be announced. Despite this task, she will once again announce the Austrian points in the Grand Final in May.

Stay tuned for more news about Monday’s Semi-Final Allocation Draw