Hungary: First six A Dal semi-finalists determined

A Dal 2015

Picture: MTVA

The first show out of six took place in Hungary on Saturday. Ten acts were performing their entries for the jury which consists of Pierrot, Jenő Csiszár, Magdi Rúzsa (2007) and Philip Rákay. The jury points and mobile app points were combined to find out the top five qualifiers. The remaining five got a second chance – the last qualifier was determined by the audience.

The top five qualify to the semi-final but three acts shared the same amount of points while there were only two more tickets left. The jury decided that Balász Farkas-Jenser didn’t qualify out of those three. The audience picked Timi Antal to the semi-final as the sixth act. All performances can be watched on the broadcaster’s YouTube channel.

Passed – Mesmerize 43
Vera Tóth – Gyémánt 39
Bogi – World Of Violence 38
Gabi Szűcs – Úgysem felejtesz el 37
Karmapolis – Time Is Now 37
Balász Farkas-Jenser – Liar 37
Gergő Szakács – Ősz utca 33
Timi Antal – Woke Up This Way 33
MDC – Maniac 31
Bori Magyar – Lead Me To Heaven 29

The next heat airs next Saturday.