Six more make it to A Dal semi-finals


Ádám Szabó won this show

Six out of ten qualified for the semi-finals from the second pre-qualification round in Hungary. The last heat will be competed next week when the final six semi-finalists are chosen.

The results of tonight’s show can be found below. The jury votes were combined with the average point given by the audience using a mobile app. The top five qualified to the semi-finals and the remaining qualifier was solely by the audience. The qualifiers are bolded:

  • Szabó Ádám – Give Me Your Love (46 pts)
  • Oláh Gergő – A tükör előtt (41 pts)
  • ÍV (Katona-Zsombori Éva) – Fire (38 pts)
  • Pankastic! – Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ (38 pts)
  • Éliás Gyula Jr. feat. Fourtissimo – Run To You (36 pts)
  • Szécsi Saci & Böbe – Our Time (34 pts)
  • Leander Rising – Lojetek fel (36 pts)
  • Dér Heni – Ébreszto (34 pts)
  • Chances – The Night (31 pts)
  • New Level Empire – Homelights (34 pts)

All performances can be watched on the broadcaster’s YouTube channel.