Latvia: It’s Supernova time


First out of two heats in the Latvian revamped pre-selection format takes place tonight. Supernova consists of two heats, one semi-final and the grand final. Ten acts are competing in each heat. Four of them will qualify for the semi-final; two as voted by the jury and another two thanks to the audience.

  1. Katrīna Cīrule – Bass
  2. Lana Frančeska – Lions
  3. Atis Ieviņš – Catfish
  4. Milenin & Kamilla – Colours of Love
  5. Antra Stafecka – It’s The Night
  6. Framest – Ziemā
  7. Linda Ķaukule – Save Our Love
  8. MNTHA – Nefelibata
  9. Rihards Saule – Life Lines
  10. ElektroFolk – Sundance

The show starts at 20:20 CET and webcast is available here. The show is expected to last until 23:00.