No joke: Australia will compete in Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Australia interval act

Last year Australia was represented in the interval act

Australia will participate Eurovision 2015. And this time for real. As a surprise move by EBU, Australian broadcaster SBS has been accepted to take part in Vienna as a competing country. However, this is done only this year and it is not a permanent move.

Australia will compete directly in the final and therefore a massive 27 countries will compete in the Grand Final. This makes it the biggest final ever.

In case Australia wins, another country will get to host the next year’s event in Europe in cooperation with SBS. In this case Australia would be able to participate again in 2016. Australia will be able to vote in both semi-finals and Grand Final. EBU is currently investigating in cooperation with Digame if the audience would be able to vote as well.

Now that Australia is in, 40 countries are competing in Vienna. SBS will later announce their representative but will have to do so by March 16th, just like all other countries.