Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Isa to final in Sweden!


The second last semifinal is over in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen and two more acts are ready for the final, Jon Henrik Fjällgren with his song Jag är fri (Manne team frijje) and Isa with Don’t Stop. The two entries that got this week’s two places in the second chance are Andreas Weise with Bring Out the Fire and Kristin Amparo with I See You. The remaining three contestants ended up with this result:

5. place: Ellen Benediktson – Insomnia
6. place: Kalle Johansson – För din skull
7. place: Andreas Johnson – Living to Die

The last semifinal will be held next Saturday, and we will get to know the last direct finalists and the last two second chance places.

Picture: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT