Slovenia: Snippets of EMA songs online


Short snippets of each song, competing in Saturday’s Slovenian national final, have been presented. Eight acts are competing on February 28th. These are:

  1. Alya & Neno Belan – Misunderstandings
  2. Tim Kores – Once too many times
  3. Jana Šušteršič – Glas srca
  4. I.C.E. – Vse mogoče
  5. Clemens – Mava to
  6. Maraaya – Here for you
  7. Rudi Bučar & Figoni – Šaltinka
  8. Martina Majerle – Alive

National final consists of two voting rounds. In the first round, the jury will vote for their favorites and the two most voted acts proceed to the superfinal. In the superfinal, the winner is determined by the audience only.

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